We’re planning Outside Bike & Brew for 2017. Watch this page for event updates as they evolve.


Deschutes BreweryDeschutes Brewery

As a family and employee-owned brewery, Deschutes believes every pint of beer worth brewing is worth sharing—with friends, family, and even the stranger you just met on the bike next to you. And every Deschutes Brewery pint shared has a healthy dose of community, experimentation, and ingenuity. It’s crafted with plenty of balance and drinkability and invested with quality and consistency. Along with some fan favorites, they will be featuring the newest addition to their year-round lineup, Pacific Wonderland: A dry-hopped lager inspired by the Pacific Northwest, with a light, citrusy twist. You will find a varied selection of Deschutes around town all weekend long.


Santa Fe Brewing

As New Mexico’s oldest, largest and most recognizable brewery, Santa Fe Brewing Company is essential to Outside Bike & Brew – the past, present and future. Santa Fe Brewing presents the annual Tour de Brewer ride and sponsors the bad ass Enduro racing team of Macky Franklin and Sid Schulz. Not to mention they are the official beer of the Santa Fe Fuegos, the local baseball team who plays at Ft. Marcy Ballpark. Let’s just say they have a small home court advantage.


Bathtub Row Brewing Coop

Bathtub Row Brewing Coop is like the movie Weird Science. They brew intelligent beers for discerning nuclear physicist and beer geeks in Los Alamos, NM. Bathtub Row Brewery is a local watering hole that Einstein would have happily called home.


Blue Corn Brewery

We are grateful to the beer gods that Blue Corn Brewery has been blessed with so many masterful brewers over the years. Blue Corn Brewery offers academically executed craft beer and a delicious menu to accompany any pint you order. Find the beer on tap and their green chile cheeseburger at the Blue Corn Grill at Bike & Brew.


Ballast Point Brewery

Beers from the West are simply the best. San Diego could not be more proud of hometown brewery Ballast Point for making their inspired selection of world class beer, heck everyone should be proud. Grab a Grapefruit Sculpin and shut up.


Stone Brewing

Nothing compares, and why would anyone try. Stone makes out-of-this-world beer that does not give up and knows no boundaries. You can pedal hard or fast, but we guarantee your taste buds will barely keep up.